Welcome Tiny Houses: prefabricated, ecological, high tech… you only need a plot of land!

We don't mention any name and any reference is purely accidental, but a recent news is telling that the Northern European furniture giant has launched a new product on the market which, it seems, is already becoming popular: tiny-houses. Small, economical, sustainable and with a very low environmental impact, high-tech and ecological.

They are a response to the changes of our society, between the need to have small sized houses, ideal as second homes for life in the countryside, assembled in a short time and ready to be furnished: they only require a piece of land in a good position and final connections.

But why launching the production of prefabricated houses? The new market trend, that brings closer Europe and America, moves towards smaller, economical and ecological homes. These homes are easy to move (they have wheels), very bright, they have simple (metal and wood) and functional structures and are perfect for those who look for homes with a low environmental impact.

Modular like the furniture from the same manufacturer, they range in size from 25 m2 and stand out for their attention to neutral tones, sustainability and a hygge touch. The kitchens feature cabinets are made of recycled plastic bottles, built-in cabinetry and a bathroom, of course.

Low priced, it's told that they could cost as much as a good quality small car.

However, all that glitters is not gold: moving these homes requires the use of large trucks, which can become expensive. During transport, it is necessary to secure objects inside the house to prevent them from falling and breaking. Living spaces are very cramped, closets are often small and difficult to use, and maintaining order in a tiny house can be difficult, especially with young children.

In any case, the phenomenon of mini-housen is not just a passing fad. It's a lifestyle choice, often imposed by a world where

having a home is becoming a luxury.

If you, the reader, are also interested, I can recommend a beautiful piece of land on a hill with a splendid view!