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Welcome to Caseadhoc, the Real Estate Agency next to you !

We are very glad to be your guide to the wonderful world of real estate. Our mission is helping you to find your dream home or the perfect investment in a simple and professional way. Thanks to years of experience in the real estate world and a dedicated team of competent agents, we are ready to listen to your needs and make our knowledge available to satisfy your requests. Whether you are looking for a welcoming and warm family home, a modern city apartment or a stunning countryside property, we can help you to identify the best opportunities on the marketplace. Our extensive network of properties for sale or rent covers a variety of styles, sizes and budgets, granting to find something right to every need.

Furthermore, we work to provide a quality, transparent and reliable service. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we work hard to offer you honest advice, personalized assistance and expert guide throughout the real estate search and transaction process. No matter if you are a buyer or seller, renter or a property owner, our team of experienced professionals will accompany you step by step, ensuring a pleasant and stress-free experience.

We are eager to begin this journey with you and help you to realize your real estate goals. Contact us today to fix an appointment and start making your dreams come a reality.

Caseadhoc, your trusted real estate solution.

Caseadhoc services

Sale a bare property

Have you ever considered the possibility of monetizing the capital that your home represents?

How? By selling your home and continuing to live there happily for life… through the sale of bare property! In accordance we can assist and follow your practice….

More than a traditional buying and selling

Why should you pay for a rent and constantly move, when with the same amount, if the owner agrees, you could buy a house and free yourself from the trouble of having to be allowed for hammering a nail or something else?

There could be a million possibilities, depending on the situation you want or can create: sale with retention of title, rental with future sale agreement, rent to buy and much more… Everything can be built to measure, it’s enough to talk about it!

Exchange: buying and selling a house. The right match

Buying and selling a house can seem like a child’s play, in reality it hides many dangers (about time, economic and bureaucratic fields, etc.) and CASEADHOC can really make the difference for you, being specialized in this regard: a word spent today is better than finding unsolvable problems tomorrow!

Rentals and leases: a 360 degree service

Rentals (commercial ones) and leases (residential ones) are managed at 360 degrees: from “A to Z”, that means, we take care of finding the ideal tenant (intermediation) and manage all the bureaucratic parts of document collection up to the drafting of the contract, with relative registration and subsequent obligations.

Alternatively, if there is already a tenant and the agreements are already well defined, we take care of the simple bureaucracy, from writing and drafting the contract to its registration with the various related obligations.

No Stress utilities!

How many times did it happen that you didn’t know where to start with the utilities to take over? And the meters, are you sure they are exactly the right ones to transfer? Thanks to years of experience in the field, CASEADHOC follows you even after the deed or the signing of the contract in the difficult world of utilities, indicating (sometimes researching!) the meters of the property and providing you with the right documentation and tips so that the the transfer or takeover doesn’t drive you crazy.

Professional assessments “Ad hoc” for every need

Among its aces up its sleeve, Caseadhoc offers a particular real estate valuation service: whether it is purely finalized to sale or rental or whether it is addressed to an inheritance division or a patrimonial division or for the purposes of calculating the sale of a bare proprerty and/or usufruct, the professional valuation is always made ad hoc for every need.

Asset valorisation and case study

Do you own a property and know its market value, but are you sure you fully understand its potential? Caseadhoc can be useful with a 360-degree consultancy on how to make the most of your real estate assets: this service is not a value assessment but a real study on how to make the most of the potential of the property(s). To this end, Caseadhoc also avails itself of the support of professionals such as surveyors, notaries and accountants, and plant technicians.

Nothing can stop us: friendly bureaucracy

It is now well known that there is a quibble in everything, indeed, in every house but do not be afraid: any shadows, quibbles, “grapples” are not always obstacles if you have someone who knows how to manage them at your side! After years of experience in the field and “friendly” documentary research (mortgage surveys, cadastral surveys and plans, deeds of provenance, possible agreements, SPID and online registry, collection of condominium documentation, searches in the Chamber of Commerce and in the Conservatory or Notarial Archives , etc.), we know how to manage any problems and we know how to deal with them to overcome them without stress. With a little patience and collaboration, bureaucracy can become a friend and be a valid help in clearing up the shadows.