The priceless Value of a Serious Real Estate Agent: Why Relying on a Real Estate Professional is fundamental

Buying or selling a home is one of the most important steps in a person's life. It's an important investment that can impact your financial well-being and quality of life. Relying on a serious real estate agent is essential in an often complex and variable real estate market.

A Real Estate Agent is an expert "with specific qualifications" person who cannot be improvised (fundamental requirement...).

He knows the rules that legally and fiscally regulate the "home" subject in order to avoid you situations that could damage you financially, with possible civil and criminal repercussions, in addition to make you lose the affair.

He knows the characteristics and knows how to evaluate whether your property can be in compliance with the building, urban planning, health, energy, cadastral and anti-seismic rules, in order to be able to navigate the labyrinth of new laws, obligations and documents which are renewed and increased day by day.

He has the ability to evaluate the property and offer it at the right market price.

He is an expert in visual communication, therefore, able to show your property in the best way and create the right advertising messages, giving your property "a white-gloves treatment" as if it were his own.

He has the salesman's skills to understand the needs and find the most suitable solutions to the circumstances and therefore answer all the specific questions that are asked to him.

He has the time and patience to answer to every call that arrives and to carry out visits to your property.

He is able to understand whether the potentially interested person is in a position to obtain the mortgage, or, in case of rent or lease, to pay the monthly fee.

That said, the real estate ad on the web, which anyone can place, is the beginning of everything.