We know how the sight of a flower or a plant can give us a good mood and positive vibes: greenery in our homes has the special power to create a welcoming atmosphere and immediately give personality to a bare environment. Like a magical tool, plants can transform our home into a comfortable paradise.

But the magical power of greenery in home does not end with its ornamental function, as plants have numerous beneficial properties for health.

Plants are real natural air purifiers: their action helps us purifing the air by eliminating harmful substances from closed and poorly ventilated environments, helping us to fight indoor pollution. Indoor plants help us maintaining the right level of humidity in the home: by releasing water vapor, plants naturally humidify the environment, thus creating the perfect microclimate and help us detoxifing the air. An example is that of Sansevieria, whose advantage is that it captures and eliminates formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. I bet you appreciate Pothos, one of the simplest plants to look after: in exchange it will offer you a real natural "purification filter"!

In addition to their obvious beneficial properties, plants have become a highly coveted decorative element in our homes.

Let's start with the entrance, the business card of our home. To make it bright and welcoming, there is nothing better than choosing ornamental plants housed in colorful pots. Be careful though, these are environments where there is usually not much light: for this reason it would be preferable to choose types of plants that do not require a lot of light to live well.

Have you ever thought about furnishing your bathroom with a touch of green? No problem: there are various plant species that resist well in a humid environment such as the bathroom. Choose plants used to living in warm, humid tops: cacti, Monstera or Philodendron are valid alternatives for those who don't want to give up the jungle effect.

In the same way, plants make our kitchen more cheerful and colourful. The shelves and shelves in the kitchen are perfect for inserting hanging plants such as Pothos which will make any room spectacular.

But above all we think about aromatic herbs. Placed in a bright place in the room, rosemary, basil, mint and sage give us a good scent, cleaner air, make the kitchen greener and flavor our dishes.

In the living room, the modern trend wants plants with important foliage, ready to become the protagonists of the environment: use plants to frame a window and thus give continuity between the internal and external environments.

Plants are perfect for creating a relaxation area in your home. Place them near our favorite armchair or sofa to create a zen environment in which to relax.