Calestano, land plots (both buildable and farming)

€ 65.000

    Land plots in Calestano: 40 kms from Parma, panoramic view and position

    - Calestano pr

    Calestano, on the first hills about forty km from Parma (about 400 meters above sea level), it’s proposed for sale:

    • land plot of approximately 6.500 m2 of land designated as a “residential expansion area” with approximately 300 m2 ULS

    Request: Euro 65,000.00

    Also further 27 Parma “biolche” (local unit of measurement for land: 1 biolca has 3.081 square meters) are available for a total of approximately 85,000 m2 of adjacent agricultural land.

    Request: Euro 60,000.00

    Possible to have a smaller plot to be agreed upon, together with the price, during the subdivision phase to be merged with the building lot.

    Properties exempt from energy certification requirements.


    Property Features
    • Land is 6,500 m²
    Agente Immobiliare
    366 439 6058